Play Windows 7 under Mac OS X For Free

Free ! No the windows is not free but I mean the virtualization is at no cost ! If you’re a developer like OS X you may need to check for windows sometime because of checking browser/environment compatibility etc. So with Mac OS X the first choice of virtual machine of course. So we are going to install Microsoft Windows 7 as a virtual machine with no cost. There are some virtualization tools available like “Parallels Desktop” or “VMWare Fusion” which will take some cost from you. But here we have some other tools which is free and lot like those tools which I mentioned.

We will need to do the following:

There are two ways to make it work. If you don’t want dual boot and just want to use windows as a virtual machine then the 1st method is for you which is very easy and if you need dual boot as well then you need to follow the 2nd instruction.

1st Way:

  1. If you have the license of Windows 7 then it’s great otherwise click here to get one.
  2. Now you have the disc/iso image for Windows 7.
  3. Download and install VirtualBox for Mac. This is an open source virtualization system that runs on Mac OS, a lot like Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion, but available for free.
  4. After install VirtualBox, make a blank Virtual Machine give a ram of 1 GB (if it’s 4GB). Before starting first time you need to specify the CD/DVD location of Windows or ISO.

Here goes your Virtual Microsoft Windows 7.

2nd Method (If you want dual boot as well) :

  • Follow point 1-3 of earlier method.
  • Install Windows 7 under Boot Camp, following the normal instructions.
  • Now we need to do some geeky stuff. First, eject the Windows boot camp then, launch Terminal (/Application/Utilities) so you can enter two commands.
    • sudo chmod 777 /dev/disk0s3
    • VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -rawdisk /dev/disk0 -filename win7raw.vmdk -partitions 3
  • Start up VirtualBox, make a new Windows 7 machine, and browse to win7raw.vmdk.
  • After this you can install the VirtualBox Guest software to let your Windows install completely integrate with your Mac OS X environment.

Eh you are done !

Enjoy windows 7 on Mac OS X free 🙂


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