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jQuery thickbox gallary image loading problem

In my past post I discussed about a problem of thickbox while working with ajax content. Today I’ll show you another problem in which people always fall while using jquery thickbox and then if they don’t get any suitable solution go for alternative which are available 🙂 The problem is sometime (most of the case) while thickbox is used for showing image gallary with “rel” attribute in the link the images would not load. I also fell in the problem and the image was not loading while I use the rel attribute for showing image gallery and even I wanted to go for lightbox which is cool also. But then I found the issue. I’ll show you the issue bellow:

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Setup apache virtual hosts in Mac OS X and xampp

When we develop projects sometime we need to make the website act as a document root like first party domain. By accomplish this we need to set up virtual hosts on the local server. I’ll explain here about this using XAMPP on MAC OS X LION. XAMPP uses Apache web server so we need to do it by configuring Apache. But who are new in development and MAC OS may fall some problem with it. I’ll discuss on the problems you may face here.

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Codeigniter Session Problem in IE

Have you ever fall in the problem with Codeingniter Session even for simple login? I think you have, if your client use Internet Explorer. I faced the problem many times and very tired to solve that problem but could not solve it for many times. I used DB for managing session also but no luck. Later I found the problem.

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