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Get Querystring in Codeigniter Project

In most of the codeigniter project it is turned off the querystring. And We can easily do anything without enabling the query-string because we can do everything by segment.

Now coming to the point. If you are integrating a payment system in your application and the payment gateway return you like the following method : ... bla

then you should think about enabling the query-string.

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Write CSS Dynamically For Php Application

Sometime in our application we need to manage the css dynamically with some condition. For example if I have 5/6 themes for an application and let user give the option to change the theme we have to change the theme dynamically again if we need to generate some conditional styles for different condition we need to generate dynamic styles. If we generate CSS with PHP it helps to keep various styles for different browser or different condition, no need to make different styles. Here with an example we can see… Read the rest of this entry »

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Setting Cron Job From Command Line With Codeigniter

Most of the web application need to run some scripts to maintain the system time by time. In order to do that we use Command Line Request for running the scripts/files. But With Codeigniter it is not possible as it doesn’t have this functionality.  So how to call a controller/method from the command line we will learn here. Read the rest of this entry »

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Codeigniter Session Problem in IE

Have you ever fall in the problem with Codeingniter Session even for simple login? I think you have, if your client use Internet Explorer. I faced the problem many times and very tired to solve that problem but could not solve it for many times. I used DB for managing session also but no luck. Later I found the problem.

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